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Faith Rhodes

"At a real crisis point in my academic career where all the odds seemed stacked against me, David bought clarity, hope and confidence back into my thought patterns by genuine encouragement, working out what was really important to my progress and helping me avoid and overcome great adversities leading to my securing a place on my dream Masters Fine Art degree at Glasgow School of Art. I would highly recommend David's coaching for anyone regardless of background or situation. Thanks David for helping me see my way through!" 

- Faith Rhodes Artist - Retelling Art History by painting Art Herstory.


Jai Geyer

"What separates him (Dave) is his deep passion to help others achieve their goals. Whether it be connecting with others through his words of encouragement and motivation or taking time to give advice, his desire to support others is authentic." 

- Jai Geyer, British Alpine Ski Team Senior Squad Member.


Melanie Collins"Dave is highly conscientious, extremely client focussed and passionate about helping people achieve change in their lives. 

His excellent communication and rapport building skills enables him to successfully work with resistance and effectively build therapeutic relationships with a challenging client base. 

He has a positive 'can do' attitude, high levels of integrity and compassion".

- Melanie Collins
Therapeutic Counsellor, Writer & Healer. Ex Prison Governor of Drug & Alcohol Strategy - HMP Dartmoor (2001- 2011) 


"Dave's coaching was really effective. It helped me to think of and illicit fun ways to achieve what I want to do. He was calm, clear and kind. Just what I needed."

- Sarah Rawlinson


Mike Boyer"My meetings with Dave came at a crossroads moment when there were a couple of exciting but also quite daunting possibilities and opportunities to do with business and creativity occurring in my life as well as some forced changes to my routine and habits. It was perfect timing to reach out for some support. 

What Dave gave me was a specific focus on the subjects at hand but also the mental tools and attitude adjustments that would allow me to step up and move forward positively into slightly unknown territory. This was achieved , not by Dave telling me what to do and how I should be, but by his very attentive listening and guidance ,allowing me to talk it out and realise that most of the skills and abilities needed I already possessed . I didn't have to be another person. 

This made the whole experience one of  an exciting and magical journey of discovery and positive affirmation. I felt the whole process was very customized to my needs and personality allowing me to make the decisions and understand my strengths and aims. Daves enthusiastic support of, and precise interactions on this self learning process were superb and fully encouraging. He was both incredibly perceptive and authentic, his integrity and passion shining through. He enabled me to bring conscious power back into my life."

- Mike Boyer - Artist/Company Director - Mike Boyer Art & Yvonne Coomber Prints


Belinda Connolly"I found my six coaching sessions with Dave to be a life enhancing experience. The timing was just right as I was, and still am, in a period of life changing transition and needed help to navigate my way through uncharted waters and ditch some unhelpful habits. I really  appreciated the solutions focussed way of working that Dave offers as well as his dynamic approach. He absolutely nailed my main issue in the first session which established a trusting rapport thereafter. 

I found the ongoing homework of great value as it established new patterns of behaviour which I am using now. I liked the fortnightly rhythm which gave me time to incorporate the work. I felt heard, safe and sufficiently challenged to be able to move on and his positive attitude and warm heart made even the painful moments worth the struggle. It's good to know I can have a top up whenever I need!"

- Belinda Connolly  
- Author Of 'The Deliciously Conscious Cookbook'
- Juice+ Distributor 
- Psychophonetics Practitioner


"I have known and worked alongside Dave since 2009. As a practitioner, Dave was warm, compassionate, motivational and inspirational to clients as well as colleagues. He would offer support to individuals as and when needed, providing them with the skills and motivation to achieve their goals. 

Dave worked within a strengths based approach. As a manager, he has worked in a similar way, supporting his staff / colleagues to develop and achieve their own goals. As a fellow manager, Dave has been equally supportive. He has been my 'go-to' person and confidant for 6 years, always happy to spend the time to talk me through anything I'm struggling with."

- Emma Vosper - Recovery Lead - Substance Misuse Services


Steve's Gym"Dave has been an integral part of Steve's Gym for over 10 years, his motivation, passion and knowledge have been invaluable. Not only is he committed to his own training, but that of each and every one of our members, and it is this kind of vested interest that helps keep small gyms like ours on the map."

- Laura and Rick (owners of Steve's Gym )


Anthony John Crocker"I found Dave honest, enthusiastic, focussed and passionate. His clarity and simple perceptive guidance allowed me to identify goals and make a step by step progression from one session to the next.

I am enjoying putting everything into practice in my daily life- the rewards are many! Thanks Dave."

- Anthony John Crocker, Actor


Jamie Grace Davis

"You know when you are really on a roll or have a lot going on and momentum is in full force, It has something to do with perseverance, dedication and the willingness to do what it takes to make it. In my career as an artist, I've had moments of developing this for myself and other times when it seem seems like I will never make sense of anything. Living with this kind of paradox and generating the kind of momentum it takes to sustain a practice of trail blazing is something I can't do alone, with out the support and insight of others. 

At the moment, I'm engaged with working on self development with that same drive that propels my paintings and performance. It feels vitally important to stand for health in the framework of being an artist.

Recently, I met a very skillful coach who knows the nuances of navigating a public presence and a demanding career. I've had an amazing time. David gets you into the place of your own instinct and self trust...where the out come is pure magic and focus. Its awesome, and freeing. 

If you are invited to work with David Bloch, run. Don't walk. The structure and flow of the way in which he works is exceptional. David is for sure a professional believer in people. 

- Joy and gratitude for working together!"

- Jamie Grace Davis


"My life coaching sessions with David have become an essential, integral part of my decision making and organisational structuring in both the business and leisure aspects of my life. He has a knack of helping me find the nub of any issue that arises and keys and techniques to unblock my limitations and find focus and direction.

After today's session I felt like a huge weight of stress had been lifted. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

- Donna Beaver Bsc RSA (dip), Therapeutic and Sports Massage